LED Inflatable Floating Balls

Glow have supplied our US client these inflatable balls for use at an event they held for global law firm Dechert at Hyde Beach SLS Hotel in Miami. These LED beach balls have an internal waterproof LED that is rechargeable and remote operated. The balls were designed with drop lines so that they could be tethered to the bottom of the pool and in other locations at the hotel to give a Dechert branded ambience at the event.

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Fortnite Inflatables

Glow tendered for the Fortnite Inflatable project and successfully won and created these amazing inflatables for Weebox which were used at the Estars Fortnite live battle at Celtic Park Glasgow. We have transformed the iconic Battle Bus into an inflatable Battle Bus which the participants entered the gaming arena through. The bus has netted windows so the players could see out into the game play area as they walked through the bus and featured LED headlights and tail lights to add to the excitement bringing the Fortnite game players right into a real life Battle Bus standing proud at 12 metres long. The bus was made with fully 3D features and a balloon on top for larger arenas.

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LED Dome

LED Inflatables are our area of expertise here at Glow, and this Inflatable Dome for our customer V-formation in Belgium is another example of how effective lighting can be when added to an inflatable. The Dome is 10 metres in diameter and has an inflatable door. The LED system inside can be set to any number of colours or to fade/ flash. The LED is operated by remote making the system very user friendly.

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Inflatable Globe

Almost a third of brits think that ‘Lapland’ is a fictional place. We provided our client with an inflatable Globe to use in a study where people were asked the question in the streets of London. they were asked to point to Lapland on the Inflatable Globe. Nearly 8% of brits asked thought that Hogwarts was a real place but that Lapland wasn’t.

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Hunter Boot - Custom Shaped Foil Balloons

Glow have been working with Hunter to produce these custom shaped and printed inflatable foil balloons as Hunter Boots for an in store Christmas promotion. Hunter are really happy with the balloons and are already using them in London stores.

Custom or bespoke shaped foil balloons are a really unique way to replicate your product on a large scale that is affordable, Glow can replicate most products as balloons and can also supply ribbon, weights and helium and installation when required.

We love to work with big brands on their marketing campaigns and events and offer high quality customer service and exciting product options. Please contact us for a quote or a chat.

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Giant Inflatable Structure in Bucharest Romania

Glow have just completed a giant inflatable structure for projection specialists 360 Revolution in Romania. This giant inflatable cube building was the largest and heaviest we have made to date scaling 12x12x10m in size. The main structure was a framework of beams covered by sheeted panels to create a projection surface. With an apex roof also to ensure it is waterproof internally. this requirement was due to the museum that was set up inside celebrating 100 years of independence from Romania.

Inflatable cubes can be really versatile in there application, design and finish and can be used as a small inflatable pod at a conference to a giant inflatable structure outdoors at an event or festival being used as a DJ performance area or even converted into a museum or display environment for more artistic or historical purposes such as this client.

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Inflatable Club Decor Cubes

These giant LED Inflatable club decor cubes were designed and fabricated for club chain owners Deltic Group for their club in hull ‘House of Tequila.’ We produced the cubes in very short time and to an excellent standard. Club Decor is becoming more and more popular especially inflatables. Elrow are the market leaders in terms of bringing in exciting props and visual stunts into clubs. Glow can create any shape and illuminate it internally making a the perfect lightweight and easy to set up decoration in any night club, event or festival environment.

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Inflatable Car - for crash testing

Glow have designed and manufactured this inflatable half car for crash testing. The car has been created with an inner PVC bladder and a strong outer Nylon cover that is fully printed with the car design. The automotive company that has purchased the car will be using it for crash testing by attaching it to a moving platform. the brief was that it needed to withstand large forces and collision and also have the ability to be tracked. We added radar pockets so that the tracking device could follow the car to record data.

Inflatable Cars can be used for advertising purposes as well as crash testing or as a way of testing parking sensors. We can design and create any inflatable car design from a photo and dimensions. Life size, miniatures or giant inflatable cars. The printing quality we offer and robust designs promise to fit any advertising or marketing solution as well as actual test cars for automotive companies.

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EVO Sports - Inflatable Hockey Pitch

Glow have just delivered and demonstrated a 16x8m custom hockey pitch for EVO Sports our new customer whom we hope to work much more with in years to come. EVO contacted the Glow team with a few images of other pitches they liked and asked us to replicate a design. EVO Hockey specialises in Hockey coaching and runs camps in which they train individuals.

The inflatable hockey pitch comes with removable nets for easy access to the pitch, a flap around the inside of the pitch to stop balls from getting stuck, two filler socks so the power source can be used at either end for convenience, extra high goals which are suited to hockey play and it also features removable banners for future re-brand purposes.

This pitch is being used on astro turf, but inflatable sports pitches can be used on any surface and Glow can supply anchoring methods to suit. Sports pitches can be made to suit a multitude of sports such as hockey, netball, football, tennis and can be custom designed to suit the individuals requirements.

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GAP - Giant Inflatable LED Hoodies

GAP approached us with a task of creating some giant inflatable clothing to promote the store at Cheshire Oaks Ellesmere Port. Today we have installed these giant inflatable LED hoodies, three in total around the shopping outlet to drive traffic to the store.

The giant inflatables attract attention for the brand from passers by and then the promotional message is seen to encourage shoppers to enter the store to bag a bargain. This method of marketing is proven time and time again to be a valued advertising tool as it not only brings attention to the store, but it creates an immediate emotional response due to the sheer size of the familiar clothing product that GAP is famous for.

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Guru Studio - LED Orbs and Signage

Guru Studio based in Canada contacted Glow to supply products for their amazing ‘True Rainbow Lounge’ in Cannes for ‘Mipcom2018.’ We supplied these LED orbs which have been set up around the outdoor lounge giving light for visitors attending the lounge at night but also to add to the magical feel that there amazing rainbow offers. The signage at the lounge was also supplied by Glow Inflatables which we outsourced for our customer and delivered to the event.

Guru Studio is an award winning animation studio and recent works consist of the animation series ‘True’ which is why this visually exciting lounge has been set up. Inflatables can add that 4th dimension to your stand and these LED balls on stands show just how effective this can be.

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Ministry of Sound & Hed Kandi - LED Crowd Balls

Glow love working with the biggest and best brands, so the opportunity to supply LED balls to the best brands in dance music Ministry of sound and Hed Kandi was another great opportunity. Our customer Coalition Agency ordered 50 x 100cm LED balls for various events.

These giant inflatable crowd balls have an LED rod inside that can be set to single colours or to a flashing setting. At 100cm diameter they were a really exciting way to boost the brands identity at Yas Waterworld in Abudhabi and the crowd loved them.

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Glenfiddich Brewery - Beach balls

Glenfiddich have used our inflatable branded balls at their brewery festival on September 9th - 11th. The balls were branded with the legendary Glenfiddich logo and used to be thrown around the audience during live music featuring Razorlight, Example and Twin Atlantic.

Crowd participation at events using inflatables is becoming more and more popular at events all over the world.

Beach balls are a fun, simple and effective way to boost brand identity and can be a keepsake for audience, crowd or people attending the event.

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