Guru Studio - LED Orbs and Signage

Guru Studio based in Canada contacted Glow to supply products for their amazing ‘True Rainbow Lounge’ in Cannes for ‘Mipcom2018.’ We supplied these LED orbs which have been set up around the outdoor lounge giving light for visitors attending the lounge at night but also to add to the magical feel that there amazing rainbow offers. The signage at the lounge was also supplied by Glow Inflatables which we outsourced for our customer and delivered to the event.


Guru Studio is an award winning animation studio and recent works consist of the animation series ‘True’ which is why this visually exciting lounge has been set up. Inflatables can add that 4th dimension to your stand and these LED balls on stands show just how effective this can be.

Our LED Glow effects can be added to most of our inflatables which gives them a dual use of working at night as well as in the day for events, festivals, exhibitions, sporting events and concerts.


Ministry of Sound & Hed Kandi - LED Crowd Balls

MOS Ball.jpg
Headkandi & MOS Balls.jpg

Glow love working with the biggest and best brands, so the opportunity to supply LED balls to the best brands in dance music Ministry of sound and Hed Kandi was another great opportunity. Our customer Coalition Agency ordered 50 x 100cm LED balls for various events.

These giant inflatable crowd balls have an LED rod inside that can be set to single colours or to a flashing setting. At 100cm diameter they were a really exciting way to boost the brands identity at Yas Waterworld in Abudhabi and the crowd loved them.

Inflatables are being used all over the world for brand and event promotions. A fun and dynamic way to engage a crowd and they make great photo opportunities.


Glenfiddich Brewery - Beach balls

Glenfiddich have used our inflatable branded balls at their brewery festival on September 9th - 11th. The balls were branded with the legendary Glenfiddich logo and used to be thrown around the audience during live music featuring Razorlight, Example and Twin Atlantic.

Crowd participation at events using inflatables is becoming more and more popular at events all over the world.

Beach balls are a fun, simple and effective way to boost brand identity and can be a keepsake for audience, crowd or people attending the event.

Glenfiddich were really happy with the balls and will likely order again for future events.


National Gyoza Day 20th September - Custom Foils

Ajinimoto Foods ordered 1500 x Gyoza dumpling balloons to promote ‘National Gyoza Day’ which is a yearly celebration honoring the delectable delights. Foil balloons were the perfect way to cheaply and accurately promote the day and encourage people to tuck in to the dumplings at various locations around the country.

These printed and custom shaped balloons were both colourful and useful to hand out and promote the message and food type that was being celebrated.

Our customer commented that they had excellent results from the balloons and were happy with the quality, service and marketing solution provided.


The process in getting foil balloons made consists of us transferring your concept or design into initially a structural sample, then a full colour design, a printed sample and finally your full production order delivered to your door. We can also supply helium, ribbons, balloon weights and installation should you require it.

Gyoza (2).jpg

Reebok Ragnar White Cliffs - Inflatable LED Race Arches

Glow have been working closely with Brandwave Marketing Ltd to supply and install 6 Inflatable LED Race Arches. The Reebook Ragnar White cliffs event is a relay-style race with a team of 10 along the spectacular South East Coast of England. The Glow team installed the 6 inflatable sports arches at a key location along the race in Folkestone.

Glow specialise in design, supply and installation of LED inflatable arches, we can provide a variety of different lighting effects and colours. The visual effect an LED inflatable at night is stunning and our customer and participants alike were very impressed by the set up!

The LED inflatables have been shared widely on social media, our customers are finding that inflatables can create a fantastic marketing solution that is shared on all social media platforms due to the excitement that our inflatables create for the crowd interacting with them.


Campari - Inflatable 'Bulldog' Gin bottles and lilos

Glow have recently designed and supplied well known alcohol retailer Campari. We have made inflatable gin bottles and lilos for a branded trip that took place out in Ibiza. We created lilos in the shape of the bottles and also product replicas of the actual bottle as 180cm tall inflatables.

Our product replicas can me made as 3D designs or in this case as lilos or other beach inflatable styles such as giant floats. These bottles and lilos were made from PVC and sealed so once inflated they do not require a constant power source making them easy to interact with or place in any location to be photographed.

We can design and fabricate any custom inflatable design or inflatable product replica. Bottles, cans, Packs, electrical items, clothing, organic items such as food or plants. The options are endless with our custom inflatables. They are a really useful and exciting marketing tool for brands whether they are marketing the product on location or carrying out a photo shoot for social media.

mattress (2).png

SINGAPORE F1 - Giant inflatable LED letters

Glow have been working on a huge stadium inflatable project for our world renowned Singapore based client Hexogon Solution for the last 3 months and finally the inflatable letters are in situ and live at the Singapore GP Formula 1 2018.

The brief was to create the letters ‘SINGAPORE’ as 9 metre tall inflatables and for them to be LED illuminated and suitable for use on the pit stop roof in high heat and rain for 3 months.

With lots of complex design and planning involved Glow worked closely with the client to make sure that all of the specifications were met and delivered in the short lead time that was given. The LED and Inflatable had to be both robust and an accurate representation of the font provided. The team worked hard and at all hours of the day to give an excellent result and delivered on time to the client.

These inflatable LED letters are now one of the main focal points of the event and footage is being viewed by millions all over the world live on Sky Sports and Channel 4.

We are really proud of this project and being involved with this large scale sporting event. We are looking forward to taking on more challenges producing and installing inflatables around the world.


Inflatable Cars Range

Glow have just launched a range of custom inflatable cars. Inflatable cars are suited to the automotive industry to advertise a brand or site, or carry out testing for crashing and parking sensors. With a broad range of options such as separate inflatable wheels, radar pockets, colour matching, direct print and custom sizing and design. Glow is your one stop shop for all of your inflatable vehicle requirements. 


We can supply any shape car, in any print to virtually any size in a range of materials depending on your specific requirements. Print can be added to the bonnet, sides, bumpers, number plate. They are fully custom inflatables to suit any design. 

In true Glow style we can even create an LED inflatable car that will be seen at night by passers by or at an event. We look forward to hearing about your ideas and designs for us to get started making your branded inflatable lorry, car, bike or van.


Burnley FC - Inflatable Poker Chips


Our customer Rectangle asked us to create some poker chips to match with there customers brand for Burnley FC. We made 500 x inflatable poker chips very quickly for our customer and they will be used in the crowd throughout the season. 

Glow can create any small inflatable shapes as well as large to be used in crowds at sporting events, festivals, exhibitions. Just ask us for a quote. 


Inflatable race arch - for Twilight Bedford half marathon

Bedfords Twilight half marathon has a bit of a twist as it finishes as the sun is coming down and with a big party with music and lights at the end. Runners competed in this marathon this weekend on the 1st September. The weather was great and our inflatable arch stood proud at the finish line. 

Lots of participants took photos with the arch and our customer MCD events who have used inflatables in previous years were really happy with our service and the product. Glow can work to any inflatable custom arch design. MCD events gave us the artwork and a basic layout of what they wanted the arch to look like and we developed and created a 3D technical drawing of the inflatable arch to sign off. 

Inflatable event arches or start/finish line arches are a really exciting opportunity to get the events branding standing high and also marks the start, middle of finish of a race which runner are motivated to run through during the race. Glow can create tunnels for arches and sports events too, alongside lots of other sports inflatables.

Inflatable Arch.JPG

Greenman Festival - Inflatable LED Illuminated Crocodiles

Greenman Festival approached us to ask us to create some LED crocodiles for King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizards performance, the headliners on the Saturday night. We had only a few weeks to produce them but worked quickly and efficiently to create the 150cm long crocodile masocts which contained an LED battery powered strip so that they would glow in the crowd. 

The customer and the band loved the inflatables and the audience enjoyed throwing them around in the crowd. Glow can create any 3D inflatable and illuminate it for promotions and crowd participation at festivals. 

Our operative took the inflatables direct to the event and inflated them backstage for the band to throw into the crowd. 

King Gizzard.jpg

Peanut - Customised pregancy bump lilos

Glow have really enjoyed making these lilos for 'Peanut' the app that connects mums. Peanut approached us and asked us to design a lilo that has a bump hole. We carefully made sure that the hole was situated in the perfect position for them. They are branded with the peanut logo and hashtag 'put your feet up mama, we've got you'. 

The lilos are proving quite a hit by the mums who have received them. they are now calling out for mattresses to be made in a similar way. Peanut have received lots of attention on social media through this PR stunt and have also bee covered by the daily mail and the sun.


Donegal County Council - Custom Water Buoys

We have just received feedback from our client Donegal county council about their branded water buoys we supplied for various events in Donegal. We supplied branded inflatable spherical buoys, inflatable booms or cylinders and also triangular prism inflatables to float one the water. 

These customised inflatable water buoys are made from a heavyweight pvc and so will stand the test of time in either rough inland water or open water. they were supplied with sand bags, carabiner clips and marine grade tether line to ensure longevity for our client. 

Donegal council are delighted with the inflatables and have just used them sucessfully for the first time at the 'Donegal Dragons' regatta in Donegal Town. 


Samsung - Inflatable PVC custom rings

Glow supplied 8 x branded rubber rings to M&C Saatchi marketing agency for there customer 'Samsung'. The rings are printed to a high standard and suited the purpose well which was to be used on a slide at a tough mudder event.

Inflatable rings or any other beach inflatables that we offer can be fully branded and pantone matched in colour of required. Any size is possible and we can ensure that exact sizes are met to suit any purpose. We can also work to a very tight lead time.


Glow are working with the USA again - Marco Polo

Glow have been working with the team at Joya Communications who created Marco Polo a new social media app, this apps image is a beach ball so they contacted us about making them life like inflatable replicas of there app emblem. We gladly took the task and the team were really happy with the end result. They took delivery via express DHL service yesterday. 

Marco Polo - Final Design  (3).png
Marco Polo Balls.jpg

Inflate and Glow!

Glow can add LED lighting to any inflatables for a really exciting inflatable product at an event or festival, check out just a few of our products below. LED Inflatables can be made with an internal tube that encloses an LED that can be controlled by a remote, switch or even a DMX system. The option is available for colour change, flashing effect of single colour.  Some of our products even contain LED's that are motion activated. 

Adding an LED to a product can be a really exciting way to get your event talked about on social media or to get your brand noticed at an event. Glow specialises in both Nylon and PVC products that can be illuminated internally and can come and install the products for you. Lighted Inflatables are the future for event and marketing inflatables and Glow are the market leaders in this. 


Inflatable Tumour shape for Falmouth University

We had the task of creating a shape that looked organic and like a tumour for Falmouth University, we worked with our client to create the right shape and number of bumps. It was a tricky one as we had to get it to fit exactly within there event space. 

Our customer feedback was fantastic, it caused quite a stir at the event and fit the space perfectly. 

We love projects like this at Glow, and working to a more complicated brief to create exciting results. One of our biggest strengths at Glow is our ability to understand exactly what our customer requires and to make it a reality for them. 


Production Drawing 3.png

Playgolf - Bang Bang Sticks

10,000 Bang Bang Sticks were supplied to our customer Playgolf Colchester by our sister company Bang Bang Sticks Limited - check us out at! A variety of Clapper sticks or Thunder sticks are supplied and are great for events, races and sports matches. 

Our customer purchased theirs to cheer on golfers at the crazy golf centres across the UK. 

Check out the video of the dinosaur having a go with the branded inflatable sticks, lots of inflatable fun this summer! 


Giant Inflatable Panda


This inflatable giant panda is sitting proud on the roof top at Kearys Car Store in Ireland.

The Panda was delivered with operating instructions, tether ropes and sand bags so our client could set him up confidently without our team needing to be there. The panda also has a removable banner for future branding and promotions. 

These giant inflatable animals and characters are a fresh way to get noticed and to bring in customers by attracting attention to the site as they drive by. 

Another satisfied customer from overseas, proving Glow to be a successful global supplier!