Fefe Talavera, a renowned Brazilian-Mexican artist hailing from Sao Paulo, is making waves in the art world with her captivating work that draws inspiration from femininity, mother nature, street art, and graffiti. After experiencing our exceptional service at Glow, The Southbank Centre commissioned our team to bring Fefe’s vision to life by creating two impressive six-metre-tall inflatable panthers for a prestigious cultural event.

Traditionally, the fantastical creatures known as Alebrijes are crafted using paper and wood in the Mexican folk-art tradition. However, in the heart of London, we employed innovative custom inflatables to maximise their impact on visitors to the Riverside Terrace, located on the renowned Southbank.

These larger-than-life inflatable artworks are a riot of vibrant colours and feature meticulously designed prints. Each piece boasts a custom-made LED lighting system that enhances the bold designs, providing captivating backlighting. As the warm summer evenings descend, passers-by will be irresistibly drawn to the Southbank Centre by these colossal, eye-catching installations. Their quality, beauty, and sophistication are undeniable, leaving visitors in awe of their presence in this esteemed location.

Standing majestically beneath the towering London Eye, these extraordinary creatures emanate a sense of power and affection akin to sphinxes, welcoming visitors to Planet Summer. This artistic celebration, taking place from June to September 2023, showcases responses to the urgent call for action against climate change. The panthers overlook the River Thames, capturing the attention of all who encounter them and setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.