Inflatable Swim Rings for Chaos Fashion - London, UK

Chaos Fashion have a range of clothing with a gingham print, they asked us to make rings for photo-shoot and influencers in the same print style.

They have been featured heavily on social media floating on pools alongside models and influencers who promote the brand. We worked closely with our client to design, sample and manufacture these rings with custom print across 40 rings and 10 specially printed individual rings featuring the influencer or models names that they sent them out to.

Beach or Pool Inflatables are being used broadly for advertising, the print and shape options are endless, we can Pantone match exact colours, apply a total surface print or add simpler printing to existing designs. Marketing agencies and brands work with Glow to create from just  5 pieces to hundreds of custom designs for photo-shoots, PR stunts, influencer engagements and pool parties. Let us know your individual designs or ask us for guidance about how to get your brand onto a pool or beach in a unique way.

Steven Knights