Up-Cycling Our Inflatables

Glow have teamed up with Isle Of Wight based Wyatt & Jack to offer an up-cycling service for our customers. If treated well and looked after our inflatables have a lifespan of 3 – 10 years however at the end of their use we want to avoid them being thrown into landfill.

We have a range of hand-made designer bags which can be manufactured entirely from our customers up cycled inflatables. These can be handed out to your employee’s as bags for life or sold to your customers as limited edition accessories. They’re wipe clean, reusable and waterproof, with hard wearing black webbing shoulder straps, these make a great reusable and tough alternative to a plastic carrier bag will last for decades and look great on the beach!

We can offer our customers two options:

  • Free of charge up cycling service – We take your unwanted inflatables and store the material ready to be up cycled into bags

  • Price per bag service – We take your unwanted inflatables and up cycle them into designer bags shipping the finished products back to you for your employee’s or customers

2 tone tote blue2

2 Tone Tote

These are wipe clean, reusable and waterproof, now with a zipped top edge as standard, in a colour that’s guaranteed to clash nicely! Dimensions W 320mm x H 350mm

bounch pounch blue

Bunch Pouch

These are perfect for customers who want a taster without committing to a higher priced item as well as making great little gifts. Large enough to fit an iPhone 6 or similar, keys, lip balm, cash etc The front and back of the pouch are contrasting colours, with a clashing bright top zip closure

deckchair tote bag 1

Deckchair Tote

Our deckchair totes have a naturally long line to them, cut to the original width of the chair fabric for less waste Dimensions: W 310mm x H: 500-550mm

xl deckchair beach 1

XL Deckchair Beach

Our deckchair totes have a naturally long line to them, cut to the original width of the chair fabric for less waste Your order will contain a mix of stripes from beaches around the UK. Please specify the colour base you would like us to add to your bags, from the options below Dimensions: W 550mm…

box wash bag blue

Box Wash Bag

A wash proof neon kite or black cotton lining, a contrasting full zip closure and webbing strap, for hanging up behind doors of swanky hotel rooms Large enough for a full size bottle of shampoo and all your essential bits n bobs Dimensions: L 350mm x W 230mm x D 160mm

mini triangle pouch

Mini Triangle Pouch

Made from a selection of inflatable off-cuts. These come in mixed colour batches- if you would like them to match the other products in your selection, please let us know. Dimensions: H 40mm x W 40mm

Before & After

swizzels pool float pvc upcycled bag

Here’s a great example of how one of our customers used our up-cycling service to re-purpose some pool floats into beautiful durable bags.

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