Inflatable Drone Gates

Drone Races are becoming more and more popular all over the world and inflatable drone gates can be used for obstacles for which the drones fly through. The benefit of using an inflatable is that should the drones crash they will not usually sustain damage compared to if they flew into a hard frame. Three dimensional race courses are being designed and developed all over the world for drone racing championships and Glow have built a range of inflatable obstacles such as inflatable drone gates, drone crash gates and giant columns as race markers for which the drones can be challenged by flying under, through and around.

The inflatable drone gates and obstacles can be custom designed and sized depending on the customers requirements, track size and space available. The obstacles are also versatile in that we can add velcro for removable branding which means difference sponsors can display their logos depending on who is racing. We can also add LED panels onto the inflatable drone gates which makes a great spectacle for night flying. The inflatables can be made as sealed or stitched structures so power isn’t required direct to location of the obstacle, this is sometimes useful on a large course.

With the ever growing market for drone obstacles Glow can create new obstacles and work with their customers to design new ways to challenge the drones and push brand identity and sponsors at the same time. Get in touch to start designing your drone course.

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Key Facts for Inflatable Drone Gates

Any Size

Sizes from 3 metres to 20 metres diameter

Weather Resistant Materials

Shower proof PVC coated nylon or heavy weight waterproof tarpaulin

Pantone Matched

Stock colours or Pantone matched


Direct or Velcro detachable branding

Any variation of design

Various course design options

Screen printing or full surface digital print

Screen printing or full surface digital print

Includes Fittings

Ground stakes for soft ground or ballast bags for hard standing

Fans Included

Fans included

Global Shipping

Direct or Velcro detachable branding