Inflatable Cars

Glows range of Inflatable cars can be used for automotive testing, advertising or promotional purposes. Often used by automotive companies or car related businesses. Other popular usage is for automotive events and festivals or racing teams. Glows inflatable cars are excellent quality and can have separate wheels which make them even more realistic. Windows can be coloured Silver or Black and the car can be made to any colour and branded with direct print to show a message on the bonnet or sides of the car. The number plate can also be custom printed and the bonnet can be a natural bumpy finish or smooth which again adds to the effect of a real car.

Automotive Use

Inflatable Cars are used for a variety of reasons but more recently are becoming hugely popular within the automotive industry for uses such as, crash testing, speed testing, radar testing and crash avoidance systems. These life size replicas of cars can be deflated and stored or transported easily between factories and test sites. Inflatable cars are also often used now in parking sensor and radar testing and also some crash testing. Some automotive companies would rather use an inflatable car than damaging a real car that retails at tens of thousands of pounds. Radar pockets can be added to the cars and foil inserts can be added so that the radar systems can detect the movement of the vehicle. For crash testing we can make an inner PVC bladder and an outer nylon skin so that it can be replaced cheaply if it becomes punctured.


Another popular use of these inflatable vehicles is for advertising inside car showrooms or outside on forecourts, we have had some great feedback from some of the UK’s biggest car sales showrooms proving they increase footfall by up to 50%. We can supply any shape car, in any print to virtually any size in a range of materials depending on your specific requirements. All cars will be provided with a pump or fans for easy inflation and will include a handy travel bag! We will manage your concept from design through to delivery and can ship anywhere in the world. We would simply require images of the actual car you would like replicating as an inflatable along with dimensions. We will then put together a 3D visual for you to approve before beginning production.


Key Features & Benefits

Rapid Installation Time

Most of our inflatable buildings can be setup with 2 people easily within around 45 minutes max.

Weather Proof Options

They can be made fully waterproof or for lighter applications water repellent

LED Options

LED strips can be provided in our nylon made buildings to make your inflatable glow in multiple colours

Power Options

Can be provided using standard 240 volt or 16 amp connections

Fully Customisable

Can be made in any colour or finish, with full colour print and logos

Easily Transported

Once deflated inflatables can easily be transported in small vans or large cars

Customer Reviews


Design Services

vw golf car 1 inflatable car design e1585043436704

Work with our experienced team to create visualisations and designs to meet your requirements, ideas and vision.


Specifications & Options

Pantone Matched

We can Pantone match the product or just match the logo print ensuring brand representation is precise.

Durable PVC Tarpaulin

Our durable PVC tarpaulin offers unprecedented protection from the elements and heavy use.

Lightweight Nylon

Our lightweight nylon options create a warm soft feel and are perfect for LED use.

Ribbed Finish

Ribbed finish most popular with Inflatable Domes.

LED Options

We can provide LED strips in our nylon made buildings to make your buildings glow in multiple colours.

High Quality Fans

German made high quality fans with a 1 year warranty, can also be provided with acoustic hoods.

Reinforced D Rings

We use reinforced Marine grade D Rings to ensure your building is secured and safe.

Honeycomb Finish

A finish very popular for inflatable igloos but available with most of our inflatable buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whats the minimum order quantity?

    We can provide anything from 1 unit to 10000 units

  • Do the products come with EU safety standards?
    Yes, all products are made to EN71 standards and can also be printed with a safety warning.
  • What is the usual lead time?

    Anything from 10 days to 4 weeks depending on requirements. We can also offer an express service.

  • How are they inflated?

    Using a pump or fan both provided if required.