Giant Inflatable LED Dog for Harbro - Scotland, UK

Harbo is a nutritional partner for 8000 farms across the UK and one of its marketing requirements this year was to create a giant inflatable dog for outside the store in Dalkeith in Midlothian, Scotland, UK. We designed the dog with Harbo branding on his chest and an LED light inside for darker afternoons so that they can switch on the lights and get the giant dog glowing.

We worked carefully to ensure we met the customers budget during the quoting process and continued to work to specific requirements during the design process.

One completed our customer expressed how satisfied they were with their experience with Glow and the end product which is now sitting happily in situ outside the store.

Giant Inflatable Animals are perfect for on street or rooftop promotions and can be designed to any colour, shape or size to match the customer needs. All of our inflatable animals and characters can also have an LED added which makes them perfect for darker afternoons and evenings when stores are still open but struggling to attract attention.

Steven Knights