Inflatable Water Buoys

Our branded inflatable water buoys can be cylindrical, pyramid or cube shaped, however we can create any inflatable shape as a custom inflatable buoy. An inflatable product could be made as a swim buoy or race marker.

They are made from either a lightweight or heavyweight PVC for inland or open water events. Branding can be removable or direct print. Glows expertise in water based inflatables and ability to realise customers needs means that we can select an inflatable buoy or Inflatable branded race marker that is perfect for your event.


Key Facts for Inflatable Water Buoys

  • Designed to be suitable for pools, inland or open water

  • 0.28mm, 0.50mm or 0.90mm PVC material depending on application

  • Sea harness

  • Removable or direct print branding

  • Branded Water Buoys UK Supplied