Inflatable Art

We love to work with customers on complex arts driven projects offering a huge array of inflatable solutions for all sorts of settings. Glow like to help our customers design custom inflatable art installations to create stunning visual displays for backdrops in film and arts displays across the world with a whole plethora of materials, construction methods and solutions for rigging inflatables. Promotional Inflatables can be used in almost any environment whether they are hanging, flying, ground-based or floating in water. Our customers love working with a team that understand the arts and enjoys developing concepts to creations. Giant inflatable art makes a fantastic talking piece.

Working with brands and artists around the world Glow aim to deliver cleverly crafted and unique inflatable designs that fit the clients brief and setting, with our customers end vision at the forefront of the workflow and our eye for detail, your inflatable art will be created with pride and care.

We get excited when artists approach us with their designs and concepts for inflatables, if you have an idea we can talk through ways in which the inflatable can be produced and give advice on material options. Our design team can handle any level of detail and can develop a 2D image or a verbal concept through to a full colour 3D design prior to production. Printed inflatables will sometimes require vector graphics which we can also create straight from the artist impression.

Location detail is key when handling the design of an inflatable art piece, so we offer clever ballasting solutions that do not detract from the art piece but keep it safely in place. When the piece is suspended we can provide clear tethers to give a sleeker appearance in the setting. No project is too small for us, and we like to work with students as well as well-established artists.


Key Features & Benefits

Rapid Installation Time

Most of our inflatable art installations can be setup with 1 or 2 people easily within around 15 minutes max.

Weather Proof Options

The inflatable art piece can be made fully waterproof or for lighter applications water repellent

LED Options

LED strips can be provided in our nylon made inflatables to make your pieces glow in multiple colours

Power Options

Can be provided using standard 240 volt or 16 amp connections

Fully Customisable

Inflatable art can be made in any colour or finish, with full colour print and logos

Easily Transported

Once deflated inflatables can easily be transported in small vans or large cars.

Customer Reviews


Design Services

hatti-rees-bunny-suicides Inflatable-Bunny-Suicides-Art

Work with our experienced team to create visualisations and designs to meet your requirements, ideas and vision.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • For inflatable art projects what designs do I need to provide?

    As an artist you can provide anything from a hand drawn sketch all they way through to a full CAD or 3D max file. Once we receive your ideas and designs we recreate into a feasible inflatable 3D form for sign off.

  • What materials can we use?

    We use a range of materials primarily based on nylon and PVC.  We can additionally use TPU which has added durability.

  • Are there any design limitations with inflatable art?

    Whilst we can make almost any form, very straight and flat faces are harder to achieve so if the form can look more natural and rounded the price will be lower.

  • Do you work with less established artists and students?

    We have worked with lots of students to help them create there pieces for course work and can combine inflatables with other media. We are happy to work with lower budgets for smaller projects too.

  • Can my actual sketch or painting be replicated and printed on an inflatable?

    Yes, our designers can use the sketch and convert it to a file that we can enlarge and print on the inflatable as a texture or pattern, we can even work with photographs.