LED & Lighted Inflatables

Glow Inflatables specialise in supplying bespoke LED and Lighted event inflatables, if your event is in the evening or indoor with limited light these create a spectacular attraction but can also be used in daylight to highlight your branding or text on the inflatable. Ideal use cases are wedding receptions, music festivals, club events and decor, touring events, gigs, exhibitions and conferences.

All of our products can be provided in LED format, the most popular LED inflatables are Inflatable LED Domes, Inflatable LED Cubes, Inflatable LED Spheres, Bespoke Lighted Shapes, LED Product Shapes, LED balls, Lighted Stars, Globes or Spheres and Lighted Canopies. A glowing sphere at your event will stand out amongst the competition, using state of the art innovative backlit lighting systems we can create any inflatable product and make it glow!

Glow lighting solutions consist of a simple button operated LED, motion activated LED, Interactive LED balls or LED wands, bulbs, strips and up-lighters. We can create the perfect lighting solution for your event. We have lighted inflatables as small as a beach ball as well as giant inflatable domes and structures up to 10 metres in size. The LED system can be controlled by DMX or remote operated with infrared or wireless. We can supply a single colour LED or flashing interactive lighting solution, depending on what effect is required by the client.


Key Features & Benefits

Rapid Installation Time

Most of our inflatable buildings can be setup with 2 people easily within around 45 minutes max.

Weather Proof Options

They can be made fully waterproof or for lighter applications water repellent

LED Options

LED strips can be provided in our nylon made buildings to make your buildings glow in multiple colours

Power Options

Can be provided using standard 240 volt or 16 amp connections

Fully Customisable

Inflatables can be made in any colour or finish, with full colour print and logos

Easily Transported

Once deflated inflatables can easily be transported in small vans or large cars.

Customer Reviews


Design Services

giant inflatable letters design giant inflatable letters

Work with our experienced team to create visualisations and designs to meet your requirements, ideas and vision.


Specifications & Options

Pantone Matched

We can Pantone match the product or just match the logo print ensuring brand representation is precise.

Durable PVC Tarpaulin

Our durable PVC tarpaulin offers unprecedented protection from the elements and heavy use.

Lightweight Nylon

Our lightweight nylon options create a warm soft feel and are perfect for LED use.

Ribbed Finish

Ribbed finish most popular with Inflatable Domes.

LED Options

We can provide LED strips in our nylon made buildings to make your buildings glow in multiple colours.

High Quality Fans

German made high quality fans with a 1 year warranty, can also be provided with acoustic hoods.

Reinforced D Rings

We use reinforced Marine grade D Rings to ensure your building is secured and safe.

Honeycomb Finish

A finish very popular for inflatable igloos but available with most of our inflatable buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you supply an LED crowd ball?

    Yes, these balls can be single colour or interactive so that when they are touched they light up. We can make sizes from 50cm to 300cm to be thrown or rolled around in a crowd.

  • I haven’t worked with LED inflatables before how do I set them up?

    For more simple inflatables we will supply written instructions or a video. For larger inflatables and where set up is required for a specific event we can send one of our trained operatives out to do this for you.

  • Do I need mains power for LED inflatables?

    No, we can supply battery packs with the LED that can be enclosed inside the inflatable.