• How much do custom inflatables cost?

    Our inflatables cost from £250, all of products are custom designs so we have to quote individually as they are tailor made to suit the customer’s requirements.

  • How heavy are advertising inflatables?

    Advertising Inflatables range from a lightweight PVC ring that could be 50g, in contrast a giant inflatable honeycomb finished cube could be as heavy as 250kg, there are many factors that affect the weight but each can be designed to fit your specific requirements.

  • Do custom inflatables need an electrical supply for the fans or lighting?

    We can offer options on all of our inflatables so they do not require power, options such as sealed, battery powered or mains powered.

  • How many times can the inflatables be reused?

    Some of our customers have reused our inflatables for many years without issues, longevity is based on care and maintenance. We also offer a repair service if required.

  • Which countries can Glow Inflatables delivery to?

    We can deliver worldwide to almost any country, we regularly work with customers in throughout UK, Europe, America, Canada, Asia and Australia. We can also provide quotes based on your home currency whether that be USD, GBP, EURO or CAD.

  • What is the minimum order quantity for beach inflatables?

    There is no minimum order for any of our inflatables, we can offer any volume from a single item to hundreds of thousands.

  • How should you store inflatables?

    Inflatables should always be cleaned and dried before packing, then folded carefully. Always store in a clean dry environment. We offer a storage service for all of our clients if storage is an issue.

  • How are inflatables repaired?

    Inflatables can be repaired via various methods depending on the material. Such as, stitching, welding, PVC glue or self adhesive repair patches. We off a repair service for all of these methods.

  • How should you design inflatables?

    Inflatables can be designed in 2D or 3D form, we can then convert into a working 3D inflatable design ready for manufacturing. Ideas can be as simply as a sketch or written concept all the way through to a detailed CAD design.

  • Can inflatables be recycled or up-cycled?

    We offer a free up-cycling service through one of our partners, the unwanted inflatables can then be up-cycled to bags.

  • Do Glow Inflatables come with a warranty?

    Yes, all of our inflatables come with a 12 month warranty as per our terms and conditions.


  • How do you setup giant helium inflatables?

    When setting up giant helium inflatables safety is always the single most important element.

    • If used outdoors wind speeds or gusts must be below 15 mph
    • Ensure sufficient anchorage is available on site.
    • Break points on all tether lines meet the 3-1 ratio pull
    • Correct helium to ensure stability
    • Correct amount of operatives to comfortably manage the balloon
  • Can Glow Inflatables offer installation?

    Yes, we can offer anything from a single manned job up to 20 or more.

  • Can we install the inflatables ourselves?

    Yes, we offer full operating instructions or demonstration on site. For large inflatables we recommend the full installation service.

  • How are inflatables blown up or inflated?

    This depends on the product it can vary from the below:

    • Handheld battery powered blower
    • Handheld mains powered blower
    • Integral fans
    • External IP rated fans
    • By mouth (smaller products only)
  • Can we inflate the inflatables ourselves or do we need a trained operative?

    The short answer is yes, we provide operating instructions with our inflatables so they can be inflated easily without a trained operative. However some inflatables are more complex, in these cases we would recommend that we supply Glow trained operatives.


  • How long do inflatables last?

    Generally the lifespan of inflatables is between 3 to 10 years depending on usage, care and maintenance. There is no reason why your inflatable cannot last for life if correctly looked after.

  • How water proof are custom inflatables?

    This depends on the material.

    PVC is fully waterproof, nylon is water resistant.

  • How should you pack inflatables after use?

    You should always if possible fold neatly along the seams and roll carefully removing any trapped air during which can be pushed out of an open valve at the end of the roll.

  • How do you clean inflatables?

    A warm soapy solution works best applied with a sponge or cloth. A jet wash can be used but this must be on a light setting.

Design, print and materials

  • What colours can be printed onto inflatables?

    Any colour can be printed.

  • Can inflatables be Pantone matched?

    Yes, we can match any colour as long as a Pantone reference is provided during the design process.

  • Do we offer a design service?

    Yes, we offer a full design service for both 2D and 3D.