Inflatable Buildings


Glow specialises in the design, supply and installation of inflatable buildings including, inflatable event cubes, inflatable domes, inflatable igloos, inflatable pods, inflatable promotional buildings and other bespoke inflatable designs to meet your specific requirements and ideas, all can all be fully branded and lighted. Our inflatable housing products are excellent temporary structures for all sorts of brands, businesses and events.

Our primary focus is to ensure each event is a success, our inflatable products such as inflatable cubes, inflatable domes, inflatable pods and custom inflatable buildings are both practical and elegant in design with versatile branding options. We can supply all types of buildings, inflatable shelters and inflatable structures to create the wow factor at promotional marketing events. There are numerous benefits to using outdoor inflatable structures at your events such as easy to transport, flexible in shape and size, easily and fully customisable and quick to manufacture.

Key Features & Benefits

Rapid Installation Time

Most of our inflatable buildings can be setup with 2 people easily in less than 45 minutes

Weather Proof Options

They can be made fully waterproof or for lighter applications water repellent

LED Options

LED strips can be provided in our nylon made buildings to make your buildings glow in multiple colours

Power Options

Can be provided using standard UK 240 volts, USA 110 volts, EU 220 volts or 16 amp connections.

Fully Customisable

Buildings can be made in any colour or finish, with full colour print and logos

Easily Transported

Once deflated buildings can easily be transported in small vans or large cars

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Design Services

inflatable igloo design inflatable igloo

Work with our experienced team to create visualisations and designs to meet your requirements, ideas and vision.


Bespoke Inflatable Buildings

Glow use our design teams experience to offer bespoke inflatables buildings that can meet the requirements for any concept or idea, any size, any colour to add that real wow factor and excitement to your events. Custom Inflatable Structures are perfect for differentiating your brand from the competition which is ideal in exhibition environments when up against other brands. We can take your initial idea and concept and design to make sure that your giant inflatable structure or custom inflatable tunnel is an inflatable that stands out from the crowd.

A custom inflatable building can be the perfect way to bring attention to your brand or campaign at an event. Glow can create anything that you can imagine, an Inflatable product or Inflatable animal can be transformed into an Inflatable building. We can add a complex digital print to your inflatable structure or create an Inflatable sculptural piece that is fully illuminated, the options are endless. Our team at Glow Inflatables can talk through your ideas and design an Inflatable Building for you that stuns spectators.


Specifications & Options

Pantone Matched

We can Pantone match the product or just match the logo print ensuring brand representation is precise.

Durable PVC Tarpaulin

Our durable PVC tarpaulin offers unprecedented protection from the elements and heavy use.

Lightweight Nylon

Our lightweight nylon options create a warm soft feel and are perfect for LED use.

Ribbed Finish

Ribbed finish most popular with Inflatable Domes.

LED Options

We can provide LED strips in our nylon made buildings to make your buildings glow in multiple colours.

High Quality Fans

German made high quality fans with a 1 year warranty, can also be provided with acoustic hoods.

Reinforced D Rings

We use reinforced Marine grade D Rings to ensure your building is secured and safe.

Honeycomb Finish

A finish very popular for inflatable igloos but available with most of our inflatable buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do inflatable buildings cost?

    Inflatable buildings cost from £500, all of products are custom designs so we have to quote individually as they are tailor made to suit the customer’s requirements.

  • How heavy are inflatable buildings?

    Inflatable buildings range from a lightweight nylon pod that could be 4kg, in contrast a giant inflatable honeycomb finished cube could be as heavy as 250kg, there are many factors that affect the weight but each can be designed to fit your specific requirements.

  • Do they need an electrical supply for the fans or lighting?

    Some of our products require mains electricity to power the provided fan, occasionally a generator may be required for remote or rural locations. However we can offer options on all of our inflatable structures so no power is required.

  • How many times can inflatable buildings be reused?

    Generally the lifespan of an inflatable building is between 3 to 10 years depending on usage, care and maintenance.

  • How water proof are inflatable buildings?

    If required our inflatable buildings can be made to be fully waterproof however this will add weight. We can also offer a range of lightweight fabrics which will withstand light rain showers.

  • How many people do they require to setup?

    This is dependant on size, for example a 3 metre nylon inflatable pod will require 1 person, a 10 metre inflatable cube made from fully water proof fabric will require 6 people.

  • How many people will fit inside?

    See below capacity guidelines

    • 6 metre diameter = up to 20 people
    • 8 metre diameter = up to 30 people
    • 10 metre diameter = up to 50 people
    • 14 metre diameter = up to 120 people
    • 20 metre diameter = up to 200 people
    • 25 metre diameter = up to 380 people
  • What is the usual lead time from order to delivery?

    Lead time is usually 4-5 weeks but express service is available if required.