Custom Balloons

Glow offers a range of branded custom balloons from standard printed foil balloons to bespoke shaped foils and giant advertising spheres or inflatable helium shapes. All of these giant inflatable branded balloons can be printed to suit your requirements. We specialise in advertising exhibition spheres or outdoor advertising balloons which can be designed, manufactured and fully installed by our team.

Custom balloons are a simple yet effective way of getting your brand noticed on a small or really large scale. Large inflatable balls floating above your stand will be sure to pull in extra customers as you will be seen from a distance amongst lots of other companies advertising areas. Custom shaped foil balloons can also be used at exhibitions as giveaways to ensure your customers have a tangible reminder of your brand when they get home. As with all of our products Glow ensures that all of our balloons are of an excellent quality.


Key Features & Benefits

Rapid Installation Time

Most of our inflatable buildings can be setup with 2 people easily within around 45 minutes max.

Weather Proof Options

They can be made fully waterproof or for lighter applications water repellent

LED Options

LED strips can be provided in our nylon made buildings to make your buildings glow in multiple colours

Power Options

Can be provided using standard 24 volt, 240 volt or 16 amp connections

Fully Customisable

Fully customisable to match brand requirements

Easily Transported

Inflatables can be packaged into small carry bags so they are easily transported or delivered to events

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Design Services

custom led balloons designs custom led balloons

Work with our experienced team to create visualisations and designs to meet your requirements, ideas and vision.


Specifications & Options

Pantone Matched

We can Pantone match the product or just match the logo print ensuring brand representation is precise

LED Systems

We can provide LED strips in our nylon made promotional inflatables to make your buildings glow in multiple colours

Durable PVC

Our durable PVC comes in a range of thicknesses from 0.18mm to 0.4mm to suit the product application

High Quality Fans

High quality fans or blowers can be provided with a 1 year warranty, with either battery or mains power

Lightweight Nylon

Our lightweight nylon options create a warm soft feel and are perfect for LED use

Installation Services

Trained installation engineers covering UK and Europe

Full Surface Digital Print

Excellent digital printing and registration across welds

High Quality Valves

Tried and tested air tight valves for sealed PVC inflatables

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do the balloons come with helium?

    We can supply helium for spheres and balloons that need to float, however when flying balloons are not possible we can supply an air filled option that is ground based or suspended.

  • Can the custom balloons be created in any shape?

    Yes, any shape and any size. But if they want to be flown we need to check the dimensions to ensure helium buoyancy is possible.

  • How are the inflatable spheres tethered to the ground?

    We use various methods of anchoring such as, sand bags, concrete blocks, water tanks or ground stakes.

  • How do crowd spheres bounce around on top of the crowd?

    For balls that are over 1.5 metres in diameter we fill the bouncing inflatable balls with the perfect mix of helium and air to ensure they are just above positive buoyancy. Any thing below would rely on the crowd to keep the balls up and bouncing.