Glasgow-based artist Rae-Yen Song is known for a wide range of international multi-media projects which weave fantasy and autobiography in an exploration of otherness. From December 2021 until March 2022, Dundee Contemporary Arts has a new exhibition which debuts Song’s latest work ▷▥◉▻. This project gives visitors a glimpse into an alternative dimension using a mix of sculpture, textiles, printmaking, sound and moving image.

The unique combination of artworks is skilfully brought together to form the body-parts of an ambiguous being which reflects the artist’s own heritage and family mythology.

Glow Inflatables’ help was enlisted to develop an art inflatable using PVC for a surreal imaginary creature with a multicoloured array of legs. Glow was supplied with a very detailed brief from the artist which included the construction of a hollowed-out boat-like body and translucent green underside for a nose cavity. The inflatable art replica was designed with gently flexing knees for all sixteen of the giant legs which produced a subtle curve pattern on the ground. Each leg had a different base tone overlaid with the artist’s own Microbeast leg circle designs. They were then carefully slotted into place within pointed shoe tongues.

Throughout the process, the team at Glow worked closely with the artist, carefully considering every detail in order to make Song’s ideas become a three-dimensional reality. The resulting artwork forms an integral piece whereby cultural norms are overturned and an alternative reality is portrayed.

Song thanked Glow Inflatables for making ‘balloons of the century’. Once again, the team at Glow were able to supply a completely bespoke service to produce a unique piece of custom inflatable art.