Inflatable Moon for BBC Studios - London, UK

Glow were asked by Fiona Leahy Design to create a 4.5m diameter giant inflatable moon, we only had around 10 days to produce the moon but we delivered the spectacular finished product in time and assisted with the installation on site at the BBC Studios in White City, London.

The Inflatable had a very bright LED installed that was also dimmable so the client could get the desired effect on the evening of the dinner that took place underneath its majestic light. There have been celebrations across the world of the 50th year since we landed on the moon, we are pleased that we could be apart of it.

We specialise in making inflatable planets, stars and moons and have a large range of prints available but we can also make totally custom designs. If you have an idea for how you would like to use a planet or moon please speak to our sales managers as we can create sizes from just 40cm all the way up to 10m if required.

Nicole Adams