Promotional Inflatables

Glow Inflatables design and supply Giant Bespoke Inflatables, custom inflatables are ideal for product launches and exhibitions, bright colourful inflatable product replicas have a real impact with customers leaving them with a memorable experience and create an exciting buzz in exhibitions. Our Giant Custom Inflatables are a perfect way to create awareness of your brand. We offer a large range of Giant Promotional Inflatables including but not limited to, Giant Inflatable Animals, Giant Inflatable Characters, Customised Inflatable Shapes, Inflatable Branded Columns, Giant Inflatable Bottles and our most popular Giant Inflatable Product shapes.

Our Graphic Designers can assist in design of an inflatable shape to match any brief, photo, design or idea however outrageous or giant. We can create any inflatable shape, in any colour to any size. This includes branding, Pantone matched colours, logos, surface printing, LED ideas, we will consider any concept . Due to flexibility of bespoke inflatables we can generally meet all requirements.


What shapes can promotional inflatable be made in? - We can create an inflatable shape to match any product from your pack shot, 2D photo or actual 3D product. This can then be scaled to a size of your choice matching the colour, shape and texture up a size of 10 metres.

Do promotional inflatables require helium? - The quick answer is no, our ground based inflatables only require cold air from a fan, but if you would like your product to float or rise into the air on a tether line or in a parade we can tailor the inflatable promotional product to be the correct size so it will lift once filled with helium. We can provide helium, all required accessories and installation in our fully project managed service pack.

How similar will the inflatable product replica be to the original product? -  We can replicate your product from an 80% to 100% similarity, we use 2D digital printing techniques to simulate 3D depth.