Branded Race Buoy Markers for 3D Events Triathlon Event - Jersey, UK

3D Events contacted us to arrange making them some re-brandable inflatable buoys for their triathlon events in Jersey. The brightly coloured floating water buoys have velcro banners so that they can be used for multiple events that have various sponsors. Made from a very durable heavyweight PVC fabric our inflatable buoys will stand the test of time as the durability of this fabric and quality fixings will withstand all sorts of rough waters and weather.

Glow offers a range of shapes and sizes of race marker buoys and we can also supply them in a less durable fabric for when they are only being used infrequently or in very calm waters. Our expert project managers will talk you through your options so you can decide if you need a pyramid, cube, cylinder, sphere, or a custom shaped inflatable water buoy to use in your preferred setting. We can also illuminate the buoys in true Glow style for darker conditions and night time events either for decorative purposes or murky and foggy conditions during races.

Nicole Adams