Customised Inflatable Building for LAPP Poptails - London, UK

Glow have been working hard on this project for a few months and the end result is stunning. Working closely with french designer Julien (Uchronia) and the client LAPP we have designed and manufactured this visually and practically perfect structure for their events. The brief was to create an inflatable that was both attractive and also a solution for an alternative event stand for the business to sell their Poptails from, which are frozen alcoholic cocktails. The structure will be used at festivals and events across Europe and makes a truly eye catching stand to attract attention for the brand.

The letters LAPP are mounted on top of the structure and inflated separately so they can be used without the structure too, meaning that it is all very versatile. Bespoke made inflatable buildings can be any size or design, we can work from just a simple concept or complete visual mock up / design and we love a challenge!

The inflatable structure can also be internally illuminated so it has a whole new desired effect at night for attracting attention after dark. We added a panel on the front so it can be closed when not in use and also supplied a separate replica ‘poptail’ as an inflatable column.

The customer was really thrilled with the inflatable and are looking forward to using it at their next event.

Nicole Adams