Custom Beach Inflatables for Customers - Worldwide

Glow has been supplying thousands of custom beach inflatables to customer globally this year, our fast paced service, excellent quality product and ability to make just about anything as a beach or pool inflatables means we are the number 1 inflatable company in the UK to order your float, beach balls or rings from.

Here are some examples of some or our products that were design and manufactured for our clients. Our minimum order quantities for custom pool floats start from just 5 pieces and balls 50 pieces. this means that these inflatables are perfect for smaller events and promotions where only a few products are required to be branded for photo opportunities and marketing campaigns.

We also now offer a up-cycling service where we turn your unwanted inflatables into bags making us the first inflatable provider in the world to be getting a bit Greener!

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Nicole Adams