Inflatable Crosses for artists 'PUT PUT' in - Copenhagen, Denmark

We were contacted by Ulrik and Stephan also known as PUTPUT who are conceptual artists creating an inflatable art piece to add to there collection. These inflatable crosses were designed by the artists and transformed into inflatables by our team at Glow.

PUT PUT Established in 2011 by Stephan Friedli (CH) and Ulrik Martin Larsen (DK) and currently based in Copenhagen, PUTPUT is the visual and conceptual meeting of two minds, a collaboration in thought and practice.

Glow enjoyed working again with artists to supply them with there first piece of inflatable art. the crosses stood at 1.8m tall and were fully printed with the detailed wood grain effect that the artists supplied us. Inflatable arts are becoming more popular recently and we are often approached by modern artists who are ready to transform there flat designs into 3D works.

Steven Knights