Giant Inflatable GAP Hoodies - Swindon, York, Cheshire, UK

Glow are contracted by GAP to install lighted inflatable giant hoodies all over the UK this year, our team have been setting up at York, Swindon and Ellesmere Port for the last two weeks to support the in store promotions GAP have been rolling out over half term.

Inflatables such as giant inflatable custom shapes of your product, a well known character, an inflatable logo or a giant inflatable character can boost your brand identity, help bring awareness of promotions and therefore boosting sales and can increase foot traffic into stores when placed in the right locations. Giant Inflatables are memorable, eye catching or jaw dropping even with the right design.

The LED element of this particular project has really helped continue to bring in traffic through the store as it gets dark early whilst shoppers still continue to walk around the outlets. GAP quoted that the traffic in store increased by 5% last time they ran the promotion alongside the inflatable which they were really pleased with.

Nicole Adams