Fortnite Inflatables - Glasgow, Scotland

Glow recently won the tender for the Fortnite Inflatable project and created these amazing inflatables for Weebox which were used at the Estars Fortnite live battle at Celtic Park Glasgow. We have transformed the iconic Battle Bus into an inflatable Battle Bus which the participants entered the gaming arena through. The bus has netted windows so the players could see out into the game play area as they walked through the bus and featured LED headlights and tail lights to add to the excitement bringing the Fortnite game players right into a real life Battle Bus standing proud at 12 metres long. The bus was made with fully 3D features and a balloon on top for larger arenas.

Alongside the bus we have designed and manufactured iconic Fortnite inflatable props for the shows. The Inflatable Llama, Tomato and Hamburger. The Llama features textured fur and the Hamburger has a long tongue hanging down just like the real hamburger in the game. The Inflatables have perfectly replicated the Fortnite characters, players found it exciting to see the familiar gaming characters that they had battled with brought to life out of the game and into the arena.

Another project which shows our customers how useful and effective inflatables can be to bring flat images to life as realistic life size inflatables. We look forward to working with Weebox again for future events and shows.

Steven Knights