Inflatable race arch - for Twilight Bedford half marathon

Bedfords Twilight half marathon has a bit of a twist as it finishes as the sun is coming down and with a big party with music and lights at the end. Runners competed in this marathon this weekend on the 1st September. The weather was great and our inflatable arch stood proud at the finish line. 

Lots of participants took photos with the arch and our customer MCD events who have used inflatables in previous years were really happy with our service and the product. Glow can work to any inflatable custom arch design. MCD events gave us the artwork and a basic layout of what they wanted the arch to look like and we developed and created a 3D technical drawing of the inflatable arch to sign off. 

Inflatable event arches or start/finish line arches are a really exciting opportunity to get the events branding standing high and also marks the start, middle of finish of a race which runner are motivated to run through during the race. Glow can create tunnels for arches and sports events too, alongside lots of other sports inflatables.

Steven Knights