Campari - Inflatable 'Bulldog' Gin bottles and lilos

Glow have recently designed and supplied well known alcohol retailer Campari. We have made inflatable gin bottles and lilos for a branded trip that took place out in Ibiza. We created lilos in the shape of the bottles and also product replicas of the actual bottle as 180cm tall inflatables.

Our product replicas can me made as 3D designs or in this case as lilos or other beach inflatable styles such as giant floats. These bottles and lilos were made from PVC and sealed so once inflated they do not require a constant power source making them easy to interact with or place in any location to be photographed.

We can design and fabricate any custom inflatable design or inflatable product replica. Bottles, cans, Packs, electrical items, clothing, organic items such as food or plants. The options are endless with our custom inflatables. They are a really useful and exciting marketing tool for brands whether they are marketing the product on location or carrying out a photo shoot for social media.

Steven Knights