LED Dome, Belgium

LED Inflatables are our area of expertise here at Glow, and this Inflatable Dome for our customer V-formation in Belgium is another example of how effective lighting can be when added to an inflatable. The Dome is 10 metres in diameter and has an inflatable door. The LED system inside can be set to any number of colours or to fade/ flash. The LED is operated by remote making the system very user friendly.

The inflatable dome will be used at a number of events in Belgium. Inflatable Domes are an easy to erect, lightweight and cost effective temporary structure which can be suited to any indoor or outdoor event. The structures with the added lighting element create a truly beautiful setting or environment for a conference, music event, party or exhibition.

Glow offers a range of inflatable structures that make a great alternative to a standard marquee or tent. We look forward to potentially supplying many more inflatable domes, cubes or custom inflatable structures to our new client in the future.

Steven Knights