Inflatable Art Piece - for Egle Zvirblyte - New York, USA

It was artist ‘Egle Zvirblyte’s’ dream to make her iconic flat artwork of Ecstasy Babe’ into a 3D inflatable sculpture. We have made that dream come true and today the work stands proud in the gallery ‘Juxtapos Clubhouse’ in Miami.

Egle approached Glow with the idea around 4 weeks ago, we quickly started the design process working from just line drawings and colour references to realise the art into a 3D design and then finally a giant 2.5m high 3D inflatable sculpture or art piece.

The inflatable is sealed and has lots of chambers to create the form of the woman, nylon fishing line was use to suspend the structure which leaves her looking self supported.

The inflatable uses many methods of construction to help us closely match the banana stack and 3D lips on her face. We worked closely with the artist to accurately represent her work within the limitations of inflatables. Many artists work with glow due to our excellent communication skills and eye for detail. We enjoyed creating this piece and hope to work on equally interesting art pieces in the future.

Steven Knights