Guru Studio - LED Orbs and Signage


Guru Studio based in Canada contacted Glow to supply products for their amazing ‘True Rainbow Lounge’ in Cannes for ‘Mipcom2018.’ We supplied these LED orbs which have been set up around the outdoor lounge giving light for visitors attending the lounge at night but also to add to the magical feel that there amazing rainbow offers. The signage at the lounge was also supplied by Glow Inflatables which we outsourced for our customer and delivered to the event.

Guru Studio is an award winning animation studio and recent works consist of the animation series ‘True’ which is why this visually exciting lounge has been set up. Inflatables can add that 4th dimension to your stand and these LED balls on stands show just how effective this can be.

Our LED Glow effects can be added to most of our inflatables which gives them a dual use of working at night as well as in the day for events, festivals, exhibitions, sporting events and concerts.

Steven Knights